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Sony Playstation 4

Play Station 4 Repair

  • Blue light Flashing (Blue light of Death)
  • Turn on and off issue
  • Laser replacement
  • DVD drive problem (not ejecting disc, not reading disc etc..)
  • HDMI port replacement
  • Hard drive upgrade (Prices depends on HD memory capacity)
  • Hard drive upgrade (Stuck at update screen, Hard drive replacement)
  • Video Output issue (Black screen)

Sony PlayStation 3

Play Station 3 Repair

  • Laser replacement (FAT & SLIM)
  • We repair DISK READ & NO READ Errors
  • Freezing
  • Broken drives
  • Hard drive upgrades (depends on HD memory capacity)
  • No power, disc not spinning etc.

Microsoft XBOX Microsoft XBOX ONE

XBOX & XBOX One Repair

  • Laser replacement
  • Not reading disk
  • Freezing or over heating
  • Hard drive issues
  • Hard drive upgrade (price depends on HD memory capacity)

Microsoft XBOX 360

XBOX360 Repair

  • Laser replacement (FAT & SLIM)
  • Hard drive upgrade (price depends on HD memory capacity)

Sony PSP

PSP Repair

  • Screen Replacement
  • Button replacement
  • Charging Problem,

3DS Repair

  • New 3DS.XL, 3DS.XL & 3DS Joystick replacement
  • New 3DS.XL, 3DS & 3DS.XL L & R Button replacement
  • 3DS & 3DS.XL Charging Port replacement
  • 3DS XL housing replacement
  • New 3DS.XL & 3DS.XL Top or Bottom LED screen replacement
  • 3DSXL Touch screen issue
  • 3DS & 3DS.XL Auto Shut Off Issue

Nintendo WiiUNintendo Wii

Wii & Wii U Repair

  • DVD drive problem
  • Laser replacement
  • Error playing game
  • Wii U GAMEPAD LED screen replacement
  • Wii U GAMEPAD Touchscreen replacement