North Bay Computer Services is an amalgamation of talents

Although formidable on their own, each staff members brings an extensive background of experience and knowledge to the table. As a team, the staff of North Bay Computer Services are unmatched and that is what you tap when you bring your systems to us, or we go to you. Here is some of the history of the group.

Yann the Man, with the Master Plan

Yann the Man, with the Master Plan!

“Thanks to North Bay and Area for helping me make my dream come true!” – Yann

Saying that Yann grew up with computers is not that far off the mark. His Father owned one of the first electronic stores in the New Liskeard area, J.C Fleury Sales LTD. When he wasn’t at school he could be found at the store; testing and exploring and often playing games on the early Nintendo systems. It was during his time at the store, that he discovered the Vic20.

A seed had been planted and Yann worked towards his goal of wanting his own store. Yann successfully challenged the Windows 7 Expert courses. He also achieved Certifications in Microcomputer Support and Network Support from Canadore College. Then Yann started working at sales and repair shops, learning how to fix simple and complex computer issues. It was here that he developed his passion for repair and customer service. Yann believes in fast, efficient and reliable service in order to get their customers back to their virtual lives.

In early 2000 Yann decided to launch his own business and began to look for his team. Yann was very selective in choosing his techs. He needed individuals who could repair computers, but also had the same customer service values that he himself had. Yann’s business was and always will be built on trust.

The first iteration of Yann’s dream was “Computer Services ‘N More”. In 2010, Yann incorporated, which has allowed him to expand across Ontario. With the incorporation, Yann renamed the company to “North Bay Computer Services Inc.”

North Bay Computers Services features 4 full time technicians, and a multitude of custom services. We have plans to not only maintain but continually improve all our levels of service. North Bay Computer Services always strives to provide the best customer service and to continue to work harder to be the best in our field.

In 2012, the North Bay Computer Services Team was excited and honoured to accept the New Business of the Year award from the North Bay and District Chamber of Commerce.

Thank you to every one of our clients for their continued support!

The Next Stage

As the Master Plan continues to fall into place, Yann and the NBCS team used this opportunity to rebuild, and renew their efforts. A fresh vision was formed, something to help everyone, and that was just the start. The NBCS shop was born. In single strategy, solely based upon the idea that North Bay deserves better.

This kernel of an idea lead to the our moving to a new store, but this is Yann… “Go Big or Go Home” Yann. The store needed a complete store front, more work space, a secure server room, and multiple Internet feeds to see us through any problem. It was a brilliant vision, one fitting the North. 

Even now we see growth, changes, old ideas are revisited and revised, the evolution of a living vision continues. 

Our Shop is OPEN for Business! When you need computers fixed, are looking to buy, or expand your business, NBCS is your one stop shop for technology solution in North Bay!

Proud to be on the receiving end of these prestigious awards