Point of Sale & ATM

Point of Sale Systems

If your network is the pulse of your business, then the Point-of-Sale (POS) system is it’s heart. A POS speeds up sales, helps with inventory management, track your staff, export daily – weekly – monthly and yearly reports, and even gives you more power to see the precise details of your operations. You can also speed up the input of inventory, improve accuracy, and quickly add new items. A good POS system will allow you to manage wholesalers, inform you of when you need to order product, and detail billing issues with those clients. Owning a POS system allows you to focus on your profitable products or services, and drop your poor sellers. If you want to succeed then you must invest in a POS.

Many business types have access to a POS tailored to that companies needs and uses. Finding the right POS is what NBCS excels at. Why spend hours reviewing technical details when we’ve already done the research?

Usually a POS system includes a computer system, touch monitor, bar code scanner, cash drawer, debit machine, small printer, and appropriate software to keep the system running smoothly.

Debit Machines

NBCS specializes in the installation and troubleshooting debit machines for many of the top names in the industry. Our team provides professional installations and trains the merchant to easily use the machine. NBCS also replaces debit machines that are broken or obsolete. 

ATM Machines

If you want your onsite ATM machine installed and setup to your specifications then North Bay Computer Services is your team. We will get your hardware on site, set up and working.