We can not thank you enough for the confidence, trust and support you’ve shown for North Bay Computer Services Inc. Please Let Us Know How You Feel About Our Computer Service And Support.

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Maria Maille   

Dear Yann,

I want to thank you for your prompt responses and your help with my old computer (getting it working well again!) and my new computer (getting me online and working faster with the new processor speed!) I appreciate that your computer quotes are extremely reasonable and your diagnostic, repair and set-up fees are as well! Your knowledge and professionalism is wonderful and refreshing. Your quick timelines mean minimal down-time for customers (me!!) and knowing that there is a real live person at the other end of the line when I have questions is priceless!!!!

Thank you for all of your help! You and your team keep up the great work!

There is great demand for high quality service like yours!


Yann by far runs the best computer service I have ever been to. I 100% recommend Yann and his team to anyone that needs a spot on job fixing or updating their computer. They are very professional, reliable, have excellent customer service and reasonable prices. I would like to thank Yann for all his hard work!

Marc Morin, CGA   

I have been dealing with Yann for the past 8-9 years. We have entered into transactions ranging from hardware acquisitions to software services. Software services were usually required on an “urgent basis” since typically in today’s environment, when your computer is down you become inoperable.

Yann has at all times provided excellent service. He has never let us down, is punctual & reliable. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend Yann & North Bay Computer Services Inc. to anyone.

Jim Brown   

Yann just to let you know, I appreciated the sevice you provided in reparing my computer, especially your quick response and in having your technician explane to me the problem and how he was solving it. Very professional and your phone number is worth while remembering. Many thanks.

Dianne L.   

Thank you for fixing my computer in record time yesterday. It’s working like a charm now.

I’m glad that you’re bilingual, since my computer is set up using both official languages! I especially appreciated the fact that I did not have to pay for 3 hours of your time.

It was a pleasure dealing with you, Yann. You replied to my email the same day. You’re a professional tech expert in every way, knowledgeable, honest and efficient.

All the best in business!

Ellen Hurtubise, Director, L.N. Figures   

I have been a client of Yann’s for over ten years. He always fixes my computers with the most professionalism and efficiency. I usually panick and he comes in and within a few minutes he knows the problem and works on getting it fixed. I will continue using North Bay Computer Services Inc. to take care of all my computer needs.

Anna Iati, Iati Consulting   

Yann is a great business owner. Always delivering exceptional customer service and ensuring that the customer’s needs are always met.

Lynn, Flat Fee Realty Inc., Brokerage   

We are very pleased with (North Bay Computer Services) there prompt response and expertise. Whenever we encounter problem we can depend on them for their full support. They are very knowledgeable and are also willing to educate the end user on some of the quick fix. We at Flat Fee Realty Inc., Brokerage would highly recommend this very professional team of Technicians.


Just a note, Yann, to let you know how much I have appreciated your various computer services in the past. My new system of course had me completely at a loss, but your people have been absolutely wonderful in helping to install and then helping me to understand. I know I have much more to learn and will be relying on your services in the future. I particularly am impressed with your ability to have someone here to help me out on very little notice. In panic situations, you have come through mightily. Again, many thanks for your assistance – and please let your technicians know that I am grateful for their patience and skills.

Carole Perron, Real Estate Agent at Century 21 Blue Sky Region Realty Inc., Brokerage   

Yann is a very professional person , very knowledgeable in his line of work, many years of experience .Very trustworthy , Hard worker

Leslie Stamp   

Yann replaced the motherboard on my laptop. He was extremely helpful and professional. I would highly recommend his services.

Tracey Campbell-Young   

Excellent service! Problems solved quickly and reasonably priced! Thank You North Bay Computer Services!

Jim Harney   

Yann called me within an hour of dropping off my MacBook Pro with a diagnosis.

Joe cote   

Thank to Alex and partners excellent work on my elderly mothers computer. We were very impressed on the good bilingual service and expertise,this is the place to go for excellent service and you sure will not regret finding that place . THUMBS UP FOR THESE GUYS.

Gordon Shank   

I mistakenly hired Yann thinking he was in the North Bay California not Ontario. Before you could say "Bob's your Uncle" Yann had remotely accessed my computer and fixed everything that was wrong in warp speed. I would never go anywhere else now. He's the best!

Claude Aumont, Partnership Coordinator at Ontario Tourism   

Yann and the team at North Bay Computers are head and shoulders above any other computer store for customer service, prompt delivery and expertise. Any local business should consider dealing with Yann and his team for any computer hardware or networking needs.

Shannon Unger, Asst. General Manager   

Yann was excellent to work with when he fixed some problems I had with my technology… Thanks, Yann!

Diane S. Hampel, directrice générale Habitations suprêmes North Bay inc.   

C’est en janvier 2008 que notre corporation a eu recours aux services techniques à Yann pour la toute première fois. Ses connaissances en informatique sont vastes et sa passion pour le sujet est évidente. En conséquence, il a vite gagné notre confiance. Yann répond immédiatement à nos demandes d’aide et, en peu de temps, le problème est corrigé. Les services de North Bay Computer Services Inc. vous sont recommandés sans hésitation.


Let me say again that I was really impressed with your services. I have always been weary of leaving my computer in the hands of strangers; to me it seems akin to handing over your house keys to someone you don’t know! Josh was really flexible with his scheduling and was able to come over within hours of my call (sooner if my schedule had allowed it). He was very friendly and efficient. Your onsite service is great! Within 2 hours my computer was up and running again.


Darren Delorme, Delormes RV sales and service 180 lake Nosbonsing road Callander, Ont. 705 752 3554   

Hello Yann and crew

I just wanted to take this time to thank you for your professional service. Past, present and future! It’s obvious to me why your company is growing so fast. I must say it’s very hard to find a company today that delivers such exceptional & dependable customer service, vast product knowledge and quality products like North Bay Computer Services Inc. Recently you and your staff once again did an excellent job installing our new server, software and equipment set up for our Dealership. Great job! we can now offer a faster and more efficient service to our customers and vendors!
looking forward to working with you again!


Yann saved my computer from extinction. We all know how we cherish the information we have on our PC’s. One day…it all disappeared. I did two things to SAVE my computer, Said a prayer and took it to Yann. Bith worked! Yann allowed me to seemlessly carry on my business with his innate ability to figure out the “techie” stuff. Thanks Yann!

Dave, Bigfoot on Cassells St.   

I had the absolute pleasure yesterday receiving services from a staff member of your team, his name was Josh. This young man had the highest quality of all skills from start to finish, and when Josh had completed his task the Key pad had a higher feel & I would like to add that his presence stay with the work place like a higher good !
Thank you for your special help & touch to my clinic Yann .
It will never be forgotten, bless be you & your team, stay in your forward gear’s!!

Jeff Serran, http://www.downtownnorthbay.com   

Turning on my main computer today I heard a nice POP sound. Looked around my office to see what happened – realized it was my main computer. Went over to my assistant’s computer to load it and get on the web to see if it was in trouble – and it was out as well? Double Whammy. I called North Bay Computer Services and they came right over and had me up and running in no time at all. They were able to save my out-dated systems and also gave me a quote on new computer systems. They took care of my need before I even asked. They were professional and courteous and saved me a lot of problems. I highly recommend them for your computer needs.

Don Dubytz, Broker of Record Royal Lepage North Bay Real Estate Services.   

I wanted to wish you well in your new business venture. I’m sure you will be a great success. We have been very pleased with your help to date. In the Real Estate business , computers and internet are vital to our services. It’s good to know that we can count on you for fast professional service to keep us up and running. Keep up the good work!

David Dunkley, Director of Interactive Development   

Yann is by far the most knowledgeable person I have ever met when it comes to computers. If I ever needed a question answered about computers, or require service work Yann would be my first choice.

Kyle Selle, Owner at TheDatingSite.ca   

Just when I thought my computer was finished Yann was able to make it work again. This was all in the same day that I brought it in. I think his quality of work and fantastic work ethic is what makes Yann a leader in the computer industry. I hope more people see him about computer repairs as it is the best service I have received in this area anywhere.

Matthew Fournier, Solution Integrator at Accentus Inc.   

I have known Yann for roughly five years now. One thing is for certain, Yann is a great salesman. He was rated top seller almost every year he worked at Staples. His great attitude is an inspiration and a welcome change in the sales industry. I am happy to recommend Yann Fleury.

Preston Smith   

Not very often can I find quality equipment with full serviceability and professionals with understanding. Few companies are willing to deliver new equipment. Very professional, and blazing quick.


WOW…Christmas morning, I had a computer problem that needed to be repaired. I was going to drop it off for repairs during the week to one of the major retail stores in the city, but knowing that since it is the busy time of the year for them. I knew that it would be there for a while. Then I found this company while doing Google search. I emailed them Christmas morning (not expecting a response for a couple of days) and I got a surprise return phone call from them later on Christmas Day and made appt. for the next day. They came and solved the problem right in my home without leaving my house. VERY courteous and professional. HIGHLY recommend this company to solve big or even small computer problems.

Kevin W. Smith, Asst. General Manager   

Yann and his staff are complete computer tech professionals who not only know their stuff inside and out when it comes to computers but they are offer very prompt service and excellent value for the money!
Very highly recommend them for computer/network service.

Tom Ricci, Owner of Ricci’s Printing   

Yan has quite an extensive knowledge of computers and now has a team of professionals on staff. I am sure his business experience will prove itself in this field of technological challenges. Be sure to call him for some input, when the need arises.

Chris Dzilums   

Very fast, reasonable prices and excellent customer service!

Vic Fedeli, http://wwww.fedeli.com   

Thanks for a great new system guys – you’re the best! I can’t believe how quickly it was assembled, and how speedy the installation in my home was. It does everything I need it to do – the transformation from my old system to this new set-up was seamless! I highly recommend you to my friends and business associates.

Keith J. Germain   

Best Place to get your Pc fixed up !!!

Angela Johnston, General Manager at Best Western North Bay Hotel and Conference Centre   

Yann and his staff where able to take care of my computer issues and save all my files from old system to new system without lossing very important videos, photos that could not be replaced for all the money in the world. Help with getting back on line and training on doing back up files so that should system problem happen I have all my files on hand.
Thank you Yann and staff

Shawn Ebbs, Director of DNSNetworks Corp., Canadian Cloud IT Solutions Provider   

Yann continues to impress me in the way he and his business targets and markets their company in North Bay, Ontario.

Thank you to Yann and the rest of his team at North Bay Computer Services for their continued support in reselling DNSnetworks / MailStratus Hosted Exchange Services.

Steve Tanner   

Yann answered my hardware question quickly and with a clear opinion based on research. I try to handle my own computer and network maintenance most of the time…when my expertise runs out, I call Shyanne who calls Yann who ‘has the plan’.

Denise et Louis-Gilles Fortier   

Bonjour Yann,

Nous sommes allés vous voir il y a quelques semaines avec un camper genre autobus pour faire réparer mon iPad. Nous avons promis de vous écrire pour vous dire que vous êtes très beau et très gentil. En fait vous êtes le plus beau et le plus gentil de toute votre gang et probablement de tout Northbay. Ça nous a fait grand plaisir de vous connaître.

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