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Preventative Maintenance Plans

Our Preventative Maintenance Plans are designed to save you frustration time, and money. Our techs want you running smoothly at all times and are willing to go that extra mile.

Every six months our certified technicians will complete the following.

  • Internet Security – Anti Virus & Firewall (Value of $69)
  • Windows Security Patches (labour value of $100)
  • Driver updates ($100 Value)
  • Dust and clean the inside of you system(s) (minimum $35 value)
  • Tune up for your system(s) ($100 Value)
  • Service calls ($69 each, discounted from $89)

The average company spends almost $600 per-computer yearly on investigations by technicians. With active maintenance, business owners can extend the life expectancy of a system and get input about any problems that may be starting. The preventative maintenance plans available with the NBCS  Backups will keep your business running smoothly.

Package prices vary

# of PC Price (per PC) Additional Services Included (per month)
1 – 4 $34 1 hour remote/in-shop service call*
5 – 9 $29 2 hour remote/on-site/in-shop service call*
10 – 19 $26 4 hour remote/on-site/in-shop service call*
20 + $24 8 hour remote/on-site/in-shop service call*
Server Price
Additional Services Included (per month)
Each $109 Includes 4 service calls per month,  emergency service calls** remote/on-site/in-shop*
Network Price
Additional Services Included (per month)
  $125 Network monitoring with maintenance and support (remote/on-site).

Peripherals are $10 each, per month.(Peripherals are defined as devices that don’t use standard operating systems ie, Xray Machine)

*Average “call” is 1 hour per month. Technicians will decide on the best course of action upon review of any issues.

**These calls are only server related. Emergency is considered a server issue that does not allow a user or users to complete their work.