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North Bay Computer Services Inc. will set up all of your important computers with Automatic Data Backup. Done nightly or daily via encrypted connection to a secure server for only $1.25 a day!

Are you backing up your important data to a USB stick or even an external hard drive. You are risking your future with a single point of failure. We offer you Peace of Mind.

All data traffic is heavily encrypted (4096-bit TLS encryption!) and all accounts have hard to break passwords and unique usernames. All servers are limited access (System Admin) and data servers are run by a encrypted RAID array, so even when a hard drive fails, we still have your data. Security and reliability are our trademark.

All of NBCS’s backup servers are local to North Bay. NBCS Staff have put a great deal of time and effort to see that any and all data stored on our Server Farm stays there, securely and in perfect condition. Even our backup servers have backups!

Get it done right, before you lose everything.

NBCS can offer you backup services so you have:

  • Peace of mind knowing your data and documents are safe
  • No worries about fire
  • No worries about hard drive or USB Drive crashing
  • No worries about theft
  • No worries about viruses – we run regular scans.
  • This is a must for any business owner, small or large.
  • A human voice at the end of the phone
Type Pricing Storage
Basic Package $10.00 250GB
Per Workstation $36.00 1TB
Per Server $65.00 4TB

*Please note that we may have to install third-party software on each computer to manage the backup services.

NBCS Award Winning Off-Site Backups & Restore


  • All servers are built, managed and stored locally.
  • Our skilled staff work hard to support the North!
  • All NBCS servers and client servers are secured by a state of the art security system.
  • Your data is stored on dedicated private servers that back up your data on the regular basis in a secure manner
  • All software updates, hot fixes and patches are downloaded locally, then run from a local source to ensure best security.
  • NBCS takes no chances with your data!