Privacy Policy

Last updated February 2, 2022.


As a client of North Bay Computer Services you trust us with your information. Our privacy policy outlines what type of information we collect, why we collect this information, how your information is protected, and how you can access and update your information. Please see the attached page to this document for definitions if there are any key technical terms that you are unfamiliar with. Please contact our Privacy Officer toll free at 1-855-840-2806 if you would like to inquire about your information, or file a complaint about how we collect your information.

Agreement between Client, North Bay Computer Services and Authorized Agents of Company

Authorized Agents of Company is anyone who is bound by North Bay Computer Services Confidentiality Agreement and is authorized to perform work for clients of North Bay Computer Services.

For any privacy concerns or complaints please contact our Privacy Officer:

Yann Fleury, CEO
North Bay Computer Services Incorporated
[email protected]
Toll Free: 1-855-840-2806

Information that we collect

We collect specific pieces of information to aim for the best client service satisfaction. There are three primary reasons we collect your information:

  1. To ensure the fastest possible service for you.
  2. Effective trouble shooting by our Authorized Agents of Company.
  3. Cost reduction for our client by having the tools to get the job done quickly.

The collection of your information allows faster resolution to your concerns when it matters the most.
There are different ways that we collect your information:

  • Information that you supply us directly: This includes all information that you give to us when requested, or any written information sent directly to North Bay Computer Services. This may include, but is not limited to, verbal communication, web form submissions, email, or via postal service.
  • Information collected by your use of our services: Your information is gathered by our Authorized Agents of Company during service interactions. This information includes:
    • Your services with us
      • We collect information that is relevant to your services.
      • Passwords for email addresses set up through our NBCS Mail services are collected in our
      • private knowledge database.
      • We collect usernames and passwords for our clients with maintenance services if appropriate.
    • Device Information
      • We take an inventory count of devices that have maintenance services with us to identify what is eligible for included services calls. This includes serial number, a list of relevant hardware (such as server trays, common parts), make and model, IP address, known issues and solutions, and username and password. Username and password, wireless name, IP address, and DHCP range for your router is also collected.
      • We also collect information for devices that are signed into the shop. This includes the name of any authorized persons to pick up your device and discuss your account, serial numbers for the purpose of tracking warranty and for accurate reference, and the make and model of your device.

How we store your information

Your information is stored physically at North Bay Computer Services in a secure, monitored area. Authorized Agents of Company may input and update information to our private knowledge database. Your personal offsite backup information is only stored on private servers in Canada. Client information is stored in Canada and with Approved US Affiliates. All information is secured by advanced encryption for maximum privacy.

How your information is used, shared, and accessed

Each of our Authorized Agents of Company sign a confidentiality agreement to protect North Bay Computer Services and our clients. The information we collect is used to diagnose, troubleshoot, and effectively repair your device or network issue. Information will be shared internally and can be accessed by our Authorized Agents of Company.

Your information can be accessed in our private knowledge database only by our Authorized Agents of Company. Each have a unique username and password.

Before using your information for any other purpose that is defined in this privacy policy we will ask for your consent.

How to request and update your information

We aim to provide you with quick access to your personal information. Any authorized user listed on your account may request in writing access for information. Please address inquiries to Yann Fleury, CEO and you will receive a response in a timely manner.

Any unique passwords for equipment belonging to North Bay Computer Services will not be released. Any of your information that is stored on North Bay Computer Services property may be requested in writing by an authorized user listed on your account.

If your information is out of date you may write to, or speak with in person, an Authorized Agent of Company to update your personal information.

Security and safekeeping of your information

We work hard to make sure that your information is protected from unauthorized users accessing, tampering, disclosing, or destroying your information. The servers that store your information are secured in a lock up room. This is monitored in a secure environment with an alarm system and security cameras. Only select Authorized Agents of Company may access the lock up area, and each access is automatically logged. We use encryption on our private knowledge database to protect your information.

Each of our Authorized Agents of Company are bonded and have undergone a criminal record check. Our private knowledge database can only be accessed on the North Bay Computer Services premises, or through our secured VPN. Only one select personnel can set up the VPN and passwords, and as an extra security precaution Authorized Agents of Company do not know their unique access password.

What this privacy policy applies to

Our privacy policy applies to all of our Computer Maintenance, Server Maintenance, Residential Maintenance, as well as in-shop and on-site clients. Our Authorized Agents of Company are trained on, and agree to uphold the values and statements of our privacy policy.

This privacy policy excludes any service that has a separate privacy policy. This privacy policy applies only to North Bay Computer Services, and does not apply to any other affiliate, independent owner, or partner of North Bay Computer Services with the exception of Authorized Agents of Company. If any one section of this privacy policy is not applicable or otherwise void the remainder of this policy will remain true

Compliance and cooperation with regulatory authorities

We work diligently to comply with appropriate regulation and laws. We review our policies on a regular basis and take your privacy very seriously. Any complaints that we receive will be investigated appropriately and in a timely manner until a resolution is reached.

For any privacy concerns or complaints please contact our Privacy Officer:

Yann Fleury, CEO
North Bay Computer Services Incorporated
[email protected]
Toll Free: 1-855-840-2806