NBCS does NetworkingThat jumble of cables and connections holds more power then you ever imagined.

Networking is what allows computers and other devices to connect together, to access the internet, share files, and use network resources like printers in a secure manner for the benefit of the users. Plugging in a few cables is easy, right? What happens when you add a Printer Service? What if you want security Cameras? Do you need wired or wireless options?

NBCS Can Help

Our experienced staff can review your needs, run the cables as necessary, install the hardware, configure the software and ease your worries.

Possible configuration for your home and/or office networks

  • Sharing files, printer, internet and media centre
  • Setting up security and firewalls
  • Installation and setup of routers, hubs, and adapters
  • Configuration for your home and/or office networks
  • Remote Access: Log in to your Office from anywhere.
  • Security camera system
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)