Servers Solutions

Want advice on your server? We offer free server consulting. Servers are a great way to speed up your network, have all your data in a central location, and yet allow your staff to work with the information.

It can be hard to justify replacing equipment that is working, even if it isn’t working very well. But if you wait until your server dies, you face significant downtime while it is being fixed or replaced. Depending on how you use your server, your business could be unable to operate, which means you are losing money.

Most IT professionals will recommend replacing servers every 3 to 5 years. The cost of server support is estimated to increase as much as 200% at the five-year point. At that age there is a higher likelihood of lesser performance and total failure.

Think of your server like it were a powerful computer. How well does your five-year-old computer run? It probably isn’t at peak performance and you’re planning on your next one. Same idea applies to your server. With innovations in technology, a new server can keep your business up to speed with your workload. A slow server slows down staff performance and efficiency.


  • Server Platform (The basic computer and OS)
  • Application Server (Middleware: Client Management/Financial Systems)
  • FTP Server (Client/Private Storage)
  • Collaborative Server (Groupware: Document Library, Project Management, etc)
  • SIP (VOIP Server)

Have You Considered Server Hosting?

We offer business solutions for server management and hosting.

  • Connect to your server from anywhere
  • We have faster internet
  • Less expensive
  • Save on hydro and higher internet packages
  • Faster services since the technician is a few steps away
  • A secure location
  • Don’t need to worry about theft and staff
  • Better firewall and security
  • Save on space
  • Peace of mind